About Sidekick Creations

Sidekick Creations is brainchild of owner Tanya Mutton.

Tanya, serving as a 20 year military spouse, has been designing for over 15 years, moving around enabled Tanya to work with different personalities, teams and cultures. Originally from Nottingham, UK she moved to the US in the early 90's and has enjoyed all the opportunities moving to the US has afforded her.

"As a Military spouse I got tired of having to leave a good position each time we had to move, so I decided to take my employers with me and turn them into clients, it costs them less and they only pay for what they need. I also wanted to provide affordable services that make sense to a growing company that needs graphic design help, but doesn't want to maintain a full time position and the costs that go along with that"

Tanya has worked extensively in digital and print and brings a wealth of knowledge, patience, and honesty to each project. She has won awards two years running from the American Advertising Federation for her magazine and print work