Hero Wanted

At the core of every entrepreneur is a hero, that hero could be an entrepreneurial idea, an actual person or a business. For most businesses, just getting their idea, product or idea into some sort of production and viable business and keeping that business running takes most of their time, for this reason the idea of Sidekick Creations was born. Every business, entrepreneur or individual needs a marketing sidekick to enable them to do what they love and leave the task of design, marketing, web presence and social media to the sidekick, who works diligently in the background to bring your vision to life and keep your story and brand out there and relevant.


Visual Storytelling

Your brand is not just about getting your name out there, its about telling the story and establishing the character, its about what makes you different, showcasing your purpose, beliefs and values and not just about your features, benefits, products and services.


graphic design

First impressions matter so we present you in the best professional light.


web design

Let us design or manage your WordPress site and increase your SEO rankings.


social media management

There is much more to social media marketing than just posting, we tell your story.


email campaign creations

We can assist you with putting together an email campaign that is visually attrative.



Professional and personal photography with professional editing service


virtual assistant

For the tasks that you don’t have an employee for we can offer you miscellanous VA services.

Award Winning

Sidekick Creations is a mulitple award winning design recipient from the Space Coast American Advertising Federation for two years running for 2018 and 2019.

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“Design can be art. Design can be simple. That’s why it’s so complicated.” –Paul Rand