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I have been running Sidekick Creations for five years, but it consisted mainly of doing odd jobs for friends, family and previous employers, I also only offered graphic design services, so I had not committed to running my own business full time.  This spring I decided it was time, I am not sure where the determination to make that final commitment and give this ‘working for yourself’ ago, but I took the jump to full time business owner June 15, 2018.  I was looking for more freedom in my schedule and to be able to take on work that I enjoyed and clients that are pleasant to deal with.  I luckily found enough work to keep me plenty busy and so far I am enjoying being the queen of my own domain.

What I have learned though is that I don’t have as much flexible time as I thought, I do have more than working as an employer, but I had initially thought, hey, I will work three days a week and the rest of the time will be for me.

When you work for an employer, there is a certain degree of being able to shut off when you get home, there is also that comfortable feeling of knowing your paycheck is going into your bank on a certain day and that if something isn’t going right, its technically not your name and reputation on the line, that belongs to your boss.  Now don’t get me wrong, I have never been what I call a ‘Paycheck Player’ or had the attitude that its not my name on the door so if there is a problem its not my responsibility, but having managers and a boss does provide a buffer and of course, the bring all the clients in.  I also didn’t fully appreciate the time it would take to market my own business and keep up to date with all administration work, I think this was my biggest hurdle as most of my time is taken up taking care of clients, but I realized I have to set aside time to take care of my own administration and spend a reasonable amount of time on my branding and storytelling.  I do it all the time for clients but found it much harder to do for myself, weird huh!

It has been a mad three months for me while I make the adjustment, it has been stressful at times, especially when I have promised a project by a certain date and have stayed up all night to make sure my client gets what they expected and was promised by myself because now my name is on the door and it’s my reputation on the line, but it has been a blast and I am excited for what the future holds, sure there are uncertainties and learning curves, but I have a grasp on it now and have branched from offering graphic design services to now include website builds, updates and management and virtual assistant services, along with marketing, social media management and *photography services.  I also have contractors on hand that offer *event planning and writing services. My goal is to be a full service marketing company for small businesses, who need extra help but don’t want to deal with hiring an employee, this way they only pay for what they use. In this day and age of technology, you really don’t need a bum sitting in a chair at the office, virtual assistants provide a business owner with options.  The upside is that when I am finished with my projects I can hang out at the beach or in my pool and most importantly when your eldest daughter has your first grandchild  you can hop on a plane to Vegas, work from there and provide support to the new mother. Definitely a bonus.

Going into business for myself wasn’t what I initially thought it would be, there are definitely more things to work on in the background, but I don’t regret taking a big chance to  become a part of that entrepreneurial community.

*services only offered in the Brevard County and Orlando area

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